This project was aided by the research and resources of many other projects.
For their great contributions, they definitely deserve to be noted.
Check it out
This is probably the most useful resource that I have found documenting the structures being used by plugins. The documentation focuses mostly on Fallout plugins, but these are easily translated over to The Elder Scrolls plugins as they share the same structure.
Best for resources about Fallout plugin strucutres and subrecord formats.
This project helped me better understand the structures and fields that are used in Bethesda’s archives. Being written in C++ the logic is not super structured, but seems to be correct.
Best for learning how to handle BSA and BTDX archives.
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
This documenation helps with some of the specific structures used in “The Elder Scrolls” series. Although the documentation of records and subrecord structures is sometimes hard to understand, contains a lot of useful information that Fopdoc does not cover
Best for filling in the blanks regarding TES that Fopdoc doesn’t cover.

The Icon

I know that the icon doesn’t 100% match the title of the project, but I really enjoy Bethesda Game Studio’s logo. The reason the logo contains the text “Structs for Bethesda” instead of “Bethesda Structs” is because I didn’t want to use “Bethesda” as the primary text.
This might allow the project be misconstrued as a product of Bethesda.
The font used in the icon is Microsquare.
The partial gear icon is contributed to Bethesda Game Studios.